December of 2010 marks the unofficial beginning of this website’s fifteenth year. For the anniversary, I will be posting a bit about the history of the site and will try to clear the shelves of a few old and unfinished article ideas:

  1. The Upper Valley Subway Map
  2. The full text of William C. Hill’s Dartmouth Traditions (1901)
  3. The Indian origins of “When Shall We Three Meet Again?”
  4. A non-proposal for dividing Dartmouth into a federation of residential colleges
  5. The gates of Dartmouth
  6. The other Hopkins Center

Thanks to Alex Hanson for the coverage in the Valley News.

[Update 01.16.2011: Links to items 3 and 5 and coverage added; post made non-sticky and publication date changed from December 1, 2010 to January 16, 2011 to put it in order.]

[Update 01.22.2011: “This month” changed to “December of 2010” for clarity. Capitalization changed in titles.]

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