Recent developments on other campi

  • Virginia Tech has an official building stone quarried near the campus since 1899.

  • The University of North Carolina carries out an archeological investigation before laying a new drainage pipe (a href=””>pdf.

  • The most interesting new campus built during the next decade might be the one on Roosevelt Island in New York. The Chronicle reports and gives an update on the proposals; the Times reports on Stanford’s withdrawal and Cornell’s winning proposal. So far the renderings of the SOM proposal leave something to be desired.

  • Roosevelt Island (Google Maps aerial) could be a fantastic place for a university, sited near the center of the city and yet isolated from the grid. (The Times has an article about an exhibit at MCNY on the Manhattan grid.) Incidentally, if Manhattan’s grid were extended northward, the corner of 163rd Avenue and West 4,543rd Street would occur at Maynard and College Streets in Hanover according to ExtendNY (via

  • The iconic St. Gall plan for an ideal monastery has been mentioned here before, and a new website (St. Gall Monastery Plan) has a nice version of the plan and several aerial views of speculative reconstructions.

  • The jumbled former site of an historic hospital, the Radcliffe Area in Oxford is being redeveloped for university functions with buildings by big-name architects. Plans for buildings by Rafel Viñoly and by others have been approved. Herzog & de Meuron are designing a building there too. This was the subject of a post here as well.

  • Modernist architect Edward Durell Stone, designer of the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., created some notable campus buildings. They share a certain look: the Atwood Center at Alaska Methodist University/Alaska Pacific University (Flickr photo) has a lot in common with the original buildings of the University of Albany, parts of which are being rehabilitated (Times Union (via The Chronicle)).

[Update 05.03.2014: Broken link to Radcliffe master plan replaced.]
[Update 08.31.2013: Broken link to UNC article removed, pdf link added.]
[Update 03.31.2013: Broken links to building stone article and SOM renderings replaced.]

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