The Black Arts Center will open in September

At the end of last month Dartmouth has named its new visual arts building The Black Family Visual Arts Center (Dartmouth Now, The Dartmouth). The name honors Leon ’73 and Debra Black, who donated $48 million to the project.

The photo accompanying the article in The Dartmouth shows the building before its Norwegian slate exterior was attached. The Planner’s blog had a post in January about the slate going up. See also before and after Street Views of Brewster and Clement halls, the buildings that were demolished to make room for the arts center.

2 thoughts on “The Black Arts Center will open in September

  1. So will it now be easier for Slytherins to get into classes in the Black Arts?

    Man, Cornell has its Kroch Library and Ho Walk, Harvard has its Pusey Library, Dartmouth has its Black Arts. Does anyone actually do trial test out these building names?

  2. What Black Arts will they practice there? Necromancy? Psy Ops? Public Relations?!

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