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The inevitable demolition news

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First, the Brown game takes place today. It will be the last game played before Jens Larson’s 1923 West Stands at Memorial Field. The steel-framed concrete seating terraces will be demolished and removed from behind the brick facade, which will remain, beginning this week.

Second, The Dartmouth reports that:

The College also plans to rebuild the Ledyard Clubhouse. The clubhouse, which used to house a few students, was vacated last fall following water intrusion and mold buildup. Hogarty said the College will eliminate the residential component when Ledyard is rebuilt.

“Rebuilt” means “replaced,” of course. This news has also been a long time coming. Students have been designing replacements for years — the original 1930 building was designed by a student, in fact — and the Milone & Macbroom Riverfront Master Plan showed a replacement building in the long term. It is worth mentioning that the Ledyard Monument is not in its original location and so probably needn’t be kept where it is.

Ledyard Canoe Club interior photo by Meacham

Interior of Ledyard looking north in 2005

Third, the focus of the article in The Dartmouth is the news that the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge feasibility study recommends demolishing and replacing the Lodge. Maclay Architects, which conducted the study, includes a drawing of the main (west) facade of a possible Ravine Lodge replacement:

detail of Maclay drawing of MRL facade

Detail of Maclay drawing of west facade of new Ravine Lodge

The drawing shows a building that seems both grander and more rustic, or more self-consciously rustic, than the 1938 Lodge. It lacks the extremely broad gable of the old lodge, but it has a signature form of its own. Maclay has extensive timber-framing experience, and with big logs scarce these days, this lodge appears to be a timber-framed building clad in shingles.

The Board of Trustees could decide whether to demolish the old building in the spring.

Ledyard clubhouse in danger?

October 5th, 2013  |  Published in all news, Connecticut River, Ledyard Canoe Club, preservation

Maybe this is a cynical view, but the framing of the story in The Dartmouth, with its quote from the college spokesman about the inevitability of mold, suggests that people are thinking about demolishing the Ledyard Canoe Club’s historic clubhouse.

The Riverfront Master Plan (image) is a guide rather than a manifesto, but it shows the building as being replaced during the next 10 years.

Ledyard Canoe Club, photo by Meacham

The Riverfront Master Plan

November 15th, 2012  |  Published in all news, Boathouses, Connecticut River, Ledyard Bridge, Ledyard Canoe Club, master planning, preservation, publications

The College Planner has made available long-term proposals of the Riverfront Master Plan (pdf) by Milone & MacBroom of Waterbury Vt.

The plan contains several intriguing ideas:

  • New buildings behind and next to (north of) the Friends Boathouse.
  • The expansion of the Fuller Boathouse and the rebuilding or removal of the singles shed next to Fuller.
  • An addition to Ledyard Canoe Club (one hopes it is an addition: it could be a replacement) and the removal of the three boat sheds behind Ledyard.
  • On Tuck Drive, a Sewer Pump House.
  • The transformation of much of the current large parking lot into parkland.

Jens Larson’s own house, etc.

July 29th, 2012  |  Published in all news, Larson, Jens, Ledyard Canoe Club, master planning

  • Jens Larson’s house and studio on East Wheelock Street are for sale.
  • The Dartmouth has an article on Shattuck Observatory.
  • The Valley News reports that the New London, N.H. realtor Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty has opened an office in Hanover. It is on Lebanon Street, east of C&A’s Pizza.
  • A traffic study (pdf) raised the possibility of erecting a 663-car parking deck atop the Ledyard lot at the bottom of Tuck Drive. A shuttle bus would ferry employees from the lot up to campus. While a pine-screened parking garage alongside the river could be an interesting thing, Dartmouth seems wise to have avoided this scheme, and the consultants declined to recommend it.
  • Too bad there’s no tram to the Hospital. The idea of a little train through woods is neat, but it wouldn’t save much time compared to the road, which is relatively direct; it is probably not worth the hassle. And on the other hand it could not run through the woods the whole way: it would have to go down Park Street and then along Lebanon Street.
  • The great Reggie Watts (video) was photographed eating a sandwich at Amarna on East Wheelock.
  • The computer store is moving to McNutt (The Dartmouth).
  • The LSC got LEED’s platinum certification. See also sustainability in The Dartmouth.
  • The Radcliffe Observatory Quarter of Oxford occasionally receives coverage here. The old hospital north of the university is still visible in this excellent and somewhat outdated oblique aerial from Bing, with the eighteenth-century observatory owned by the newly-formed Green Templeton College prominent. Most of those buildings have been demolished, as this Google aerial shows:

And now some construction has begun, as this Bing aerial shows:


[Update 08.19.2012: Tram comment reworded.]

A Ledyard Canoe Club addition?

May 11th, 2012  |  Published in all news, Ledyard Canoe Club, preservation, publications

Alumna Emily Singer Yen has posted an impressive portfolio that includes a set of 2010 designs for what appears to be a large addition to the Ledyard Canoe Club.

This is not simply a student project: the designer “[c]ollaborated and interned with the selected architect to prepare schematic designs for preliminary State and Town permitting meetings[.]” Back in 2010 Ledyard was raising money for the addition, and in February of 2011 the “rebuild” was said to be going ahead.

Completion of the new dock

October 13th, 2011  |  Published in all news, Boathouses, Connecticut River, Ledyard Bridge, Ledyard Canoe Club, master planning, other projects, preservation

The Dartmouth reports on the project, and the Planner has some closer photos. The D also had an article in July. (The Planner’s Office now has not only a blog and website but also a domain name, dartmouthplanning.com.)

Although the dock project includes bank stabilization and plantings, it continues the trend of intensified development on the east bank of the river between the bridge and the canoe club. As recently as 1985, the docks were less noticeable, the bridge was smaller, lower, and much less prominent, and the assertive boathouse was nonexistent.

Instead of maintaining the fiction that this limited site is a part of nature, could it be developed heavily, with a broad granite pedestrian corniche? Let’s promenade on the Ledyard Malecón.

Connecticut River from Ledyard Bridge, 2008

A brief history of DOC Trips

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The Rauner Library Blog has a nicely-illustrated set of posts on the first Freshman Trip in 1935, Trips during WWII, and Trips in the present. The program is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Robin Meyers created a time-lapse video of scenes at the Moosilauke Ravine Lodge, focusing on a feed and square dance (via Dartmouth College Planning).

Almost a bathing pavilion

May 14th, 2011  |  Published in all news, Boathouses, Connecticut River, Ledyard Bridge, Ledyard Canoe Club, master planning, other projects

Dartmouth will build a relatively elaborate ADA-compliant swimming dock and a kiosk upstream from the bridge (The Dartmouth).

The College Planner’s blog has a post with a plan (pdf) and a detailed regulatory submission (pdf). This project is part of something bigger: a master plan for the riverfront (Planning post, post).

Ledyard Canoe Club addition scheduled

February 26th, 2011  |  Published in all news, Connecticut River, Ledyard Bridge, Ledyard Canoe Club, other projects

The Ledyard “rebuild” (The Dartmouth) is going ahead, notes an article on an elaborate swim dock to be built upstream of the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing Boathouse.

Ledyard to expand

August 24th, 2010  |  Published in all news, Ledyard Canoe Club

Ledyard Canoe Club is raising money to add to its clubhouse and boathouses, The Dartmouth reports.

Ledyard Canoe Club
Ledyard Canoe Club in 2005

Eugene F. Magenau of the Class of 1930 designed the building, which was built in 1930.

Titcomb Cabin burns

June 13th, 2009  |  Published in all news, cabins, History, Ledyard Canoe Club, preservation

Titcomb Cabin, the one on Gilman Island, just below the bridge, burned to the ground on May 6. Titcomb was built in 1952 as a replacement for the Ledyard cabins up and down the river that were flooded when Wilder Dam raised the level of the river. Power company employees even helped build it.

Ledyard interiors

July 24th, 2005  |  Published in all news, Ledyard Canoe Club, photos June 2005

A pair of views of interiors in the Ledyard Canoe Club:

Dartmouth photo

Dartmouth photo