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Map of Hopland showing locations of earlier buildings

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This map shows the buildings demolished to make way for the Hopkins Center.

  • The map combines a Sanborn Map (1945) with a plan of the Hopkins Center and Hood Museum (1984).

  • Buildings in pink were extant ca. 1945 and were demolished ca. 1952-1984. Most were demolished ca. 1960 for the construction of the Hopkins Center; others for the expansion of the B&G complex east of the Hopkins Center, and for other purposes.

  • Buildings in black were not demolished, and most remain today. The Main Street buildings on the west side of the map have changed somewhat since 1945, and the Hanover Inn (1) was replaced in 1966.

  • The gray buildings comprise mostly the Hop-Hood complex.

  • College Street is outlined in red at the center of the map..

Map of Hop Footprint

  1. Hanover Inn (1888), demolished 1966.

  2. Hanover Inn Addition (1923), extant.

  3. Approximate footprint of later Inn addition and connection to Hopkins Center, extant.

  4. Bissell Gymnasium (1865), demolished 1952.

  5. Kappa Kappa Kappa Hall (1866), later used for other purposes, not extant.

  6. Brewster Hall, built as housing for Inn employees, later the International House, extant.

  7. South Hall, originally a church, later dormitory, not extant.

  8. Portion of Rogers Garage, demolished. Remainder of garage houses offices and art studios, extant.

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