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The Persistence of "Wah-Hoo-Wah,"
Dartmouth's "Indian Yell,"
At the University of Virginia

This short paper [104kb pdf] explores the yell's creation in 1878, its migration to the University of Virginia by the early 1890s, and transformations in its meaning and use since then.

  02.05.2013   Spelling corrections.

  06.21.2009   Information about earlier Princeton occurrence added.

  03.28.2007   Spelling corrections; Seuss quotation added.

  04.21.2005   Info on Mazamas, Beard, and Seeton added.

  12.12.2004   This page created.   Slighly altered version of essay posted.

  11.09.2003   "The Persistence of 'Wah-Hoo-Wah'" posted as pdf at http://www.dartmo.com/Indian_Yell_Meacham.pdf.

  Fall 2003   Portions of the essay posted to a UNC sports discussion page by "Ramfanatic."

  2002   Virginia essays removed.

  1997   Short version of Indian Yell essay included on page of essays about Virginia.

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